We are pleased to offer a selection of apartments, houses and holiday homes in the Western part of Hungary. We also offer hotels and businesses for sale. These properties offer very good investment opportunities in a developing region which is becoming more popular with overseas visitors.  For other visitors the airports at Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Graz in Austria make international access easy.

Just compare these low prices with current in Spain or France.  Do you wish that you had bought property in Spain 20 years ago before prices rose ? It's time to look east for your investment growth and widen your horizons. The holiday possibilities are endless too.  Don't miss out on a growth market. This country is modernising very rapidly but there are still good property bargains to be had.


Hungary is now a full member of the European Union and whilst all countries in Europe and around the world are facing difficulties of one sort or another what we observe is that Hungary is developing quite rapidly.

Follow the example of companies like Tesco who have already invested heavily.

Properties are still quite inexpensive as is the cost of living overall.

It has some of the finest and largest spas in the whole of Europe see Zalaegerszeg for example . . . . .

And Lake Balaton . . . .


All to be discovered.

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